Elasmogen has isolated soloMERs™ to novel targets and where antibody formats have failed to deliver.  In addition, Elasmogen has produced a series of soloMERs that recognise novel and cryptic epitopes on proteins that are overlooked or unseen by conventional antibody approaches.

Their small size and inherent stability makes them ideal for topical, site-specific, implant and gut delivery.  soloMERs are able to tolerate extremes of pH (1.5) and even boiling without loss of function.  These properties also allow superior drug conjugation efficiencies and drug chemistry options.

soloMER™ generation is delivered via our shark immunisation facilities in the UK and US and/or from our diverse synthetic libraries (in excess of 100 billion clones) with both approaches unique to Elasmogen and protected by a portfolio of patent applications and granted patents.  Their small size facilitates easy humanisation with patents granted in the US.