KTP Associate

We wish to recruit a highly skilled and motivated graduate to work in Elasmogen in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast for 24 months. Through this Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Elasmogen seeks to bring together the knowledge partner’s expertise in nanotechnology and disease models, with the company’s proprietary variable new antigen receptor (technology to develop new targeted nanomedicines for the treatment of cancers with unmet clinical need. Working in partnership, QUB and Elasmogen will be able to develop a new approach for more effective drug targeting that will have a life-extending impact on individuals suffering from pancreatic or lung cancers.

The successful candidate must have:

  • Hold at least a 2.1 Honours degree (or equivalent) in Biochemistry or a closely related discipline.
  • Relevant research experience to include:
  • Molecular cell biology skills (western blots, PCR, ELISA, DNA cloning).
  • Experience in protein expression and purification
  • Ability to design and to establish robust experimental procedures.
  • Tissue culture experience (including maintenance, drug treatment and determination of cell viability).
  • Publication record commensurate with stage of career.

More information about the role can be found https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BTS870/biochemist-molecular-biologist-ktp-associate-elasmogen

You can also learn more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships here: https://ktn-uk.co.uk/programmes/knowledge-transfer-partnerships