Elasmogen is developing site-specific and sight-saving therapies for inflammatory eye disease and in particular for those patients that fail to respond to current small molecule and monoclonal antibody therapies.  We are always keen to speak to companies that may have new drug delivery formats (eye, skin, gut, lung) that may benefit from the remarkable properties of our soloMER domains.

In addition, we have already shown that our soloMERs can be adapted for systemic therapy where the capability to bind cryptic and neutralising epitopes (and bi/tri specificity) can be combined with half-life extension and immune system recruitment to deliver the same therapeutic potency as monoclonal antibodies but from a protein of between 35 – 90 kDa.

Elasmogen would be open to discussing access and partnerships to our auto-immune mediated anti-inflammatory programmes for systemic treatments of disease.


The pharmacokinetic properties of soloMERs offer many advantages over existing antibody formats. Their exploitation as soloMER drug-conjugates for the treatment of solid tumours is a growing area of interest for future collaboration and partnerships.

In addition, the flexibility of soloMER building blocks facilitates the generation of bi-specific and bi-paratopic formats.  These characteristics have been exploited to deliver earlier stage assets in immuno-oncology and angiogenesis.   We are keen to discuss the fast-track development (through partnership) of these potent IO molecules in particular.

Existing partnerships include a multi-target deal with Almac Discovery Ltd.  ROR1 is the first disclosed target from this partnership with compelling efficacy data presented at a number of international meetings in 2019 and 2020.


Intracellular Biologics

Elasmogen’s is expanding the reach of its soloMER™ technology to develop a system capable of delivering binding domains that recognise and alter the function of intracellular targets – as a specific and safer alternative to small molecule therapeutics.  This is an area of particular interest for future collaboration and partnerships.

We are delighted to be working with Queen’s University Belfast, UK (two undisclosed oncology targets – supported via a BBSRC LINK award).  We have also worked for a number of years with Amgen Inc (together with Feldan Ltd’s innovative delivery technology) on two further undisclosed intracellular targets.

2000px-Amgen_svg              Queen’s University Belfast                      


NDure™ is a soloMER (clinical candidate) available for extending the systemic half-life of fused partner molecules such as scFv, peptides, growth factors, single domains etc.  It has shown efficacy in three different PK models giving a predicted half-life for fusion proteins, of 19 days in man.

Existing licensing partner:  ImmunoForge (South Korea).  Developing dual hybrid agonists as part of their sarcopenia pipeline.


To discuss product partnering and licensing opportunities or access to our soloMER™ generation and NDure™ half-life extension platforms, please contact

Elasmogen team members regularly attend bio-partnering meetings in Europe and the US.  Please see our events page for details.