NDure™ is a soloMER (humanized clinical candidate) available for extending the plasma half-life of fused partner molecules such as scFv, peptides, growth factors, single domains etc.  It has shown efficacy in three different PK models giving a predicted half-life for fusion proteins of 19 days in man.

NDure is available for partnering and/or licensing.  To discuss opportunities further please contact info@elasmogen.com.


Proxison™ (ELN/41) is a small-molecule, super-anti-oxidant which includes an alkyl chain to facilitate membrane targeting (see Figure). The result is a headgroup with superior radical scavenging activity and comprehensive spatial distribution within the cell, including the mitochondria. These attributes deliver three modes-of-activity (see Figure): (1) repair of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, (2) inhibition of lipid peroxidation and (3) restoration of redox homeostasis. In combination, these three characteristics are sufficiently potent to “heal” damaged mitochondria.

Elasmogen is looking for partners for the development of Proxison (ELN/41) in a range of clinical conditions where mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress may be a root cause of the disease.

To discuss opportunities further please contact: info@elasmogen.com